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Website Evangelism


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CLICK HERE and listen to "George Street", the story of an old man who handed out gospel tracts. It's under 10 minutes long. Listen and be amazed. You might even want to do something! :) 

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Mission Strategies

This page is a MUST READ because you are entering into active missionary service in an area that you probably know very little about and like any missionary, you need training. Training is good (see 2 Timothy 3:16-17). As a site member, we want you to be able to step out into this mission opportunity with the confidence of knowing what you are entering into and why.


Please consider this page as your training manual. It's not much really when you think about the training which missionaries normally go through. You're not being sent on a 3 week intensive live-in course or being asked to learn a whole new language. But it will take time and there will be things to learn. For the sake of the souls we are reaching out to, it is important that we are on the same page when it comes to understanding how to use the Internet to evangelise.

We've been doing this for a while with some of the Christian members attached to the sites we create for the lost (not this site). We've learnt a few things from this and now need to share them with you at Website Evangelism. Website Evangelism is becoming a "hub" or centre for equipping and activating Christians in using the Internet to reach the lost. It our responsibility to pass on to you what we have learnt in building websites for the lost - not all the technical stuff but stuff you need to know to do what we are inviting you to do. We need to be sure that the people who enter into partnership with us know what they are doing and why they are doing it so they can be fully committed to the task.

Site Membership at Website Evangelism is not just an opportunity to learn some things about evangelism but an opportunity to become an active and effective Mission Partner in a unique mission field that is reaching thousands with the Gospel. Because of this, our expectation is that you will read this manual carefully and ask us any questions if you are not sure about something. Before explaining the specific strategies for promoting the websites we build, we have made some more general comments below which we hope will help you understand these strategies better.

What is the main work of a Mission Partner?

The answer can be put in two words, "Promoting Websites".

The steps outlined on this page will explain how to do this using common practices on the web today. We have gathered them all here for the purpose of evangelism on the web. While we have in mind websites which are created by Website Evangelism, you don't have to stop there. You can use these same principles to promote other sites you believe are helping reach the lost with the gospel.

How does it all work?

When you follow the steps below, you help to build web (Internet) "presence". Your actions will bring about increased activity on a website. This will get the attention of search engines like Google and it will say, "Aha! People are really interested in this site. I need to make it more available for others to find. I'll move it from number 6 on page 4 of a Google search to number 2 on page 3." OK, so search engines don't think or talk but hopefully you get the idea.

For example, if 100 people sign up as Site Members and get active by visiting one of the sites we have created, this will help move the site up the Google (or Yahoo etc...) search results. Even though the these sites were not created primarily for Christians, when Christians visit them they increase the chances of the lost finding them. It works like this... the more pages visited and the longer the time spent on a website builds web presence. Any activity on a site such as clicking links, downloading, watching movies, posting in forums or chat boxes, sends a message to search engines that this is an important site and they need to give it some more attention. The more activity, especially new visitors, the more attention given by search engines. This will possibly be obvious to some of you but we don't want to make any assumptions about what you know.

You may have heard the saying, "Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd". Well, in a way, we're building a crowd and inviting people to it also. If there is an evangelistic event on in town and you invite a non-Chritian friend, you don't stay away from the event. You attend! Street evangelists invite supporters to be there with them as they share the gospel. The end result is that more people get to find out what is going on (whether this is on the Internet or somewhere else) and therefore more lost souls have the opportunity to hear the good news, repent and believe the gospel.

How much do I have to do?

It may be better to ask, "How much can I do?

We would like to encourage you to make a minimal commitment to pray for and promote one site using at least two of the promotional tools we will outline below - and others that we come across from time to time. We know that life is busy so we are tryring to be practical here too and not put unreasonable demands on you. We think you will find that it will not actually take much time to apply one or more of the steps below to support a website. In fact, we are confident that many of you will think that this is too easy. We hope that once you get started, time will not be an issue (if it was). So keep please reading. 

1. Subscribe to RSS & Atom feeds!

You will find these often on Blog pages. Look for the RSS (orange icon) and Atom (blue icon) images somewhere on the page. Click on one of them. At the top of the page that opens, click "Subscribe to this feed" (in the yellow panel at the top). This will send any new Blogs (not the comments other people make on the Blogs) straight to your mail box and also into your Feeds" (like Favourites) in Internet Explorer. There is a good explanation in the yellow panel (referred to above) with a link you can click if you want to know more about feeds.

How does this help Website Evangelism? Well, when someone subscribes to a Feed, Google search engines recognize this as an serious show of interest in the site. By subscribing to the "feed" you are saying that you want the website to notify you of any new content on that page because you are interested in that page. And the more people who are interested in the site, the higher it will be ranked in Google searches.  

2. Visit the sites occasionally

Visit the sites occasionally and look at three or more pages.

Every visit builds web presence. How often is "occasionally"? Combined with other Mission Actions, just visiting once or twice a month to one site (eg. you can make it the first day of every month) and having a good look around would make a difference. It may be that a particular site really takes your interest so you will be there more often. You may come across areas you had not previously visited. Something may get your attention and you may decide to email a page link to a friend. Or there may be something you read which prompts you to prayer.

So, what websites has Website Evangelism created that you can visit and support? You'll find these listed on the "Website Evangelism Links" page in the menu to the left.

3. Interact with the site Blog

Not all sites have Blogs at the moment but some do. There is a Blog on this site. If you only ever make one comment every 3 blogs that would be wonderful. And please, you don't need to feel obligated to personally support or defend the blogs in your comments. Just interact honestly and politely with any of the comments that appear there, including the comments by others on the blogs. Do this knowing that people's eternal salvation is in mind. Check out the Blog at then leave a comment (you will need to be signed into the 2012 site as a member to do this).

4. Email Invites to Evangelistic Websites

Mail your friends (Christian and especially non-Christian) with a simple invite like: "I think the following website is worth a look: .................. Check it out sometime. When you visit, have a look at the.......... page." Don't make it too long. Many people get heaps of email and may not read stuff that is too long. Just send it as a short and simple invite.

Invite people in different countries. Use your contacts from all the sources you have. Don't think too much about how they might respond. Otherwise you will never send any invites! It's not our job to predict the gospel response but to proclaim the gospel message. 

You can expect that the gospel will be offensive to some people (the Bible tells us it will be). You never know who might respond. Just be sure that you yourself are not offensive in the way you communicate it. Check out the sites we have created on the Website Evangelism Links page in the menu to the left.

5. Add a website to your email signature

Add a Website Evangelism website address under your email signature (this is NOT meant to replace your personal signature). Later we will give you some links to choose from. The example below is just made up to help you see what we mean.

Jo Bloggs

21 Bloggedout Avenue


Check it out sometime

While you might send the occasional invite to all your contacts to visit a particular site, you certainly cannot do this all the time. You especially could not do it on a daily basis or your contact list might start to grow very small. However, a small link to one of the Website Evangelism sites tucked under your email signature would not have that effect. It would be easy to ignore. But while it would not be in people's faces it will still be there, niggling away at some people who will get to wondering what it is all about. Some won't be able to resist and will eventually click the link. It is a simple way to take advantage of people's natural curiosity and, in this day and age, their love for clicking links.

6. Social Networking - Leave a Link

Mention the names of sites created by Website Evangelism in your Blogspot, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace or other social networking websites. You can also leave links in guestbooks and forums. Everywhere you go on the net, look for an opportunity to leave a link. Someone left one on a site in the Netherlands and we got around 100 visits from them in just one day. The sites created by Website Evangelism often get visited by people because someone left a link. Just today one of the sites received a visitor because they clicked a link on a foreign website that was all about beer!

You can see how easy it is to spread the Word on the net. When you do this, DO NOT explain that these sites are connected with Website Evangelism. Just leave the link (with maybe a short comment) and let the sites speak for themselves. is a website created for the body of Christ as a means of evangelising on the Internet. It is NOT for non-Christians. PLEASE DO NOT PASS THE LINK FOR WEBSITE EVANGELISM ON TO THE LOST. On the other hand, the sites which Website Evangelism create it creates are for non-Christians. Those are the sites that you are to leave links for. Sites like

7. Bookmark and Sharing

Bookmark the sites which Website Evangelism has created using the Favourites Menu in your browser. You can bookmark too since the site you are on now will soon be able to be found on the world wide web: www.

Bookmark sites using this bookmark button which you will find at the top of some pages, especially the home page. When you click on this, you will be given a selection of social media bookmarks to choose from. These can be found all over the web and are used for web surfers to vote on a site and boost its popularity.