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Website Promotion - Training Manual II


But there is a good reason why we need to say first......


On this page we will show you two websites and a major strategy we have to promote these and other sites we create. It all has to do with the significance of how a new visitor finds the site.

If you would like to visit the sites mentioned below, PLEASE do this by using the steps outlined below and NOT by clicking on the link (urls, domain names) you will find on this page. If you have already been to these sites, using these steps below will still prove to be helpful in promoting the site. 

A. Targeting Key Search Phrases

The first site below is set up to target three key Google search phrases on the topic of the world ending in 2012 (which, by the way, is not going to happen). We are wanting to focus right now on promoting one of those key search phrases. It is important to understand that the more first time visitors who arrive at this site after typing this search phrase (shown below) into a Google search and then clicking on the link to our site, the better it will be for the site. It will have the effect of moving this website closer to page one for that search phrase.

The target search phrase we are wanting to promote for this site is: "2012 Dooms Day" (Just the words inside the speech marks). Notice that Dooms Day is 2 separate words.


Follow the steps below...

First taraget searach phrase

1. Go to or or

2. Enter “2012 dooms day” (without the speech marks) in the search bar

(not the website address bar at the very top left of your browser!)

3. Look through the results that come up until you find this specific result

It must be the same as the one below (thought size may be different)

(on the top of page 5 at the moment but changes so look carefully at each result)

The Google search result you are looking for looks like this ...

End Of The World 2012 - Dooms Day

End of the world 2012 Doomsday Prophecies plus something more fearful than

any December 21 2012 end of the world Prediction. - Cached - Similar

DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OTHER SITE The reason for this is that you will end up promoting another site which most likely will not be a Christian site. When researching this topic many of the top sites were looked through and even those that seemed to have Bible content on them, failed to tell people why they needed to be saved and how they could do this by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

OK... you will notice three parts to the search results...

(1) Title in blue

(2) Description in black

(3) The website's domain name or URL in green (see above)

Make sure before you click on anything, that you have found the result with the following domain name in Green: (see above) Read the name carefully because there are some domain names that come very close to this one. Make sure that it ends with ".net" and not ".com" Check the Title and Description too. Then...

4. Click on the link to the site “End Of The World 2012 - Dooms Day”

5. Spend 20-30 minutes or more on the site; visiting at least 6 pages and spending a good amount of time of some.

6. Bookmark the site using "Favourites" on your web browser menu.

7. Visit the site again later in the next two days and a few more times in the next 3 weeks using the bookmark to get there.

Following 1-7 above will help build up serious traffic on this site. Google will notice this.

You need to know that about 1,000 people Google the phrase, "2012 dooms day" every day.

The End Of The World 2012 site has already been blessed to be number 1 on page 1 of a Google search for the key search phrase: "End of the world 2012". It is giving us about 500 of our visits each day. We are now praying and working towards seeing it become number 1 on page 1 of a Google search for "2012 dooms day".

A second target search phrase

You can follow the steps above a few days later but change the search phrase to look like this, "2012 doomsday" (without the speech marks). Notice that "dooms day" is now just one word: "doomsday". About 1,000 people a day search on this phrase too. Getting one key search phrase to number 1 on page 1 of a Google search has given us over 3,000 visits on one day. Imagine what it could be like if we can get three key search phrases to number 1 on page 1! This is only just the beginning. There are more key search phrases still targeted for this site and this is still only one site. This is a new mission and there are many more sites to build.


Now that you have understood targeting key search phrases and how to do this with one site, we want to give you another site to promote in the same way. Here are the steps to do this with the information changed for this new site. Please note that while this site is about typing, it has a gospel presentation on it. When you promote it, you will help increase its ranking in search results so that more lost souls can find it. Our prayer is that there will be people who search for a typing course and end up in heaven.

1. Go to or or

2. Enter “learn typing” (without the speech marks) in the search bar (not the URL website address bar!)

3. Look through the results that come up until you find this (on page 3 at the moment but it changes)


Learn Typing is a free typing tutor for all ages and experiences. Learn typing free

online at your speed. Learn Typing includes free typing tests. - Cached - Similar

4. Click on the link to the site “LEARN TYPING – HOME”

5. Spend 10-20 minutes or more on the site; visiting at least 6 pages and spending a good amount of time of some.

6. Bookmark the site in their web browser.

7. Visit the site again later in the next 2 days and then over the next three weeks using the bookmark to get there.

B. Summary of other promotional strategies.

  1. Interact with the site blog
  2. Engage with others in the forum. Begin a topic.
  3. Sign up to the RSS feeds
  4. Bookmark site using your browser
  5. Share the sites using the "Share" button at the top of the home page
  6. Leave a link to or when visiting social media like Facebook, Beebo, MySpace, and signing guest books. .
  7. Include a website link at the bottom of your email, below your personal signature.
  8. Mail friends, Christian and non-Christian and invite them to have a look at a site or even just one page on a site Do NOT invite non-Christians to
  9. Invite Christian friends and contacts whom you know to be genuinely concerned about the lost, to have a look at Please do not mention the sites it promotes or how we promote them. Let them catch the vision first. It is important that we promote the vision before the sites.
  10. Don't forget to pray - pray there will be a lower "bounce" rate (people who only visit the home page), higher visits and visits to Good Person Test, longer stays on GPT, Salvation, Encouragement to saints...

Final Steps


There are just ONE more thing left to do.

If you have not done so already, please be sure that you have visited the four pages listed below.

We consider these a necessary part of training so that we can partner together in this mission opportunity. We are praying that God will bless you through these pages and fire you up for evangelism.

Before you go to any of these pages, we suggest you put this Manual page in your "favourites" so you can come back to it easily.

  1. The Plan - If you haven't read our Mission, Goals and Plans please do this now.
  2. Beliefs - If you are going to be associated with Website Evangelism as a Mission Partner, it's important that you take a moment to consider the fundamental beliefs on which Website Evangelism is built.
  3. Resources - Please listen to "George St". This is under 10 minutes long but is one of the most inpirational messages you will hear about sharing the gospel.
  4. Good Person Test - This is the main Gospel presentation we place on all our sites. It is important if you are going to promote these sites that you are familiar with this.

CLICK HERE to go the the Good Person Test and do it your self.