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Website Evangelism


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CLICK HERE and listen to "George Street", the story of an old man who handed out gospel tracts. It's under 10 minutes long. Listen and be amazed. You might even want to do something! :) 

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2012 Mission Opportunity - Introduction

THINGS HAVE CHANGED! - One person who wrote to us said: "The Internet is all I have!"

While this may be at the extreme end of the scale, it reflects a modern day phenomena that the church needs to capitalize on. People are using the Internet for answers to life's questions. You will know that not all answers come from the Bible. There has been 480% growth in Internet usage from 2000 to 2011 with total daily usage numbers exceeding 2 billion! Website Evangelism has found a unique way to tap into this and we need the support of local pastors to help create awareness of this mission and encourage the saints to get involved.

Please use the video above and the notice below for a Sunday Missions Focus on Website Evangelism

File is MPEG4 format (183 Meg). If server is a bit slow, please come back and download later.

CLICK HERE to download a smaller (50meg) file.


[Just copy and paste and email to your "notices" person, or send the link to this page.]


Website Evangelism is a Christian Internet mission which has created a website on the 2012 end of the world theories. We don’t believe the world will end on December 21, 2012 but many are still searching for answers. Up until October 2011, well over 2 million people from over 200 nations have visited our 2012 website. Many viewed a salvation message on this site. Some said it lead them to “repent and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:15). However, the potential of this window of opportunity could all be lost without the help of God’s people. This is not a request for money. PLEASE VISIT and click on the “World End 2012 Mission” page. Be sure to read, "URGENT CALL TO ACTION" at the bottom of this page. Website Evangelism: Casting the Gospel net over the Internet.... Taking the Gospel of the kingdom to the nations of the world (Matthew 24:14).

Letter to the local pastor

Urgent Call To Action

I’m writing to ask if you would be willing to present the work of Website Evangelism to your congregation(s). This is not a request for money or to wear your church membership out with endless hours of extra work. There are two main ways you can help...

(1) place a notice in your weekly bulletin and show a very brief 2.22 minute video

(2) become a 2012 Mission Partner (see end of this page for details).


Website Evangelism is a unique Christian mission doing evangelism on the Internet. Like Jesus with the woman at the well, we interact with people on the things they came searching for, then we lead them to the Gospel and God's plan of salvation (John 4:9-10) through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ (Mark 1:15). The main difference is that we are doing this on the Internet.

Website Evangelism (this site) is here to...

(1) Provide resources for Christians in their daily witness and

(2) Invite Christians to get involved in using the Internet and the websites we create, to reach the lost.

Website Evangelism is reaching out to Christians so that Christians can reach out to the lost - in everyday life and on the World Wide Web (Luke 14:23).


Internet search engine tools reveal common topics that people search for when using search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Two questions that people do NOT commonly search for are: "Does God love me - and have a wonderful plan for my life?" or "How can I be saved - from the wrath of God against my many sins?" So how do we share the Gospel with people if they are not looking for it? Here's what we do at Website Evangelism...

•Build websites for the lost on topics they are actually interested in

•Put gospel presentations on those sites along with other Scripture

•Leave strategic links on those sites that lead to the Gospel content

•Visitors click those links and they encounter the Gospel - and God

This letter to pastors is an opportunity to...

(1) Equip Christians for evangelism in this modern age of the Internet.

(2) Make the most of a unique window of opportunity with people's interest in 2012.

(3) See the church built spiritually and numerically.

In particular, we are looking for support for a website we have put together on the 2012 end of the world predictions (fuller details on this are found in the Church notice above, and at the link below under the section where we list things you can do to help).

One pastor wrote…

“To be honest I stumbled upon your site ready to argue with you about the world ending in 2012, but what I have found is a very well rounded, and solid view of scripture, Thanks for taking the time and effort into putting this together, I think that it will help untold lives. Blessings.”

Others have said…

“Thank you so much for this. This I believe has saved my soul.”

“Thank you for my new life. I love Jesus”

“After seeing some things on your site I couldn't bear it anymore. I spent time in prayer - right here at my computer - begging the Lord to forgive my sins. I'm so guilty but God is so good.”

Can you identify with this?

"...........Our congregation are pretty savvy with internet use and we communicate a lot with emails and our church blog site. But when it comes to doing evangelism with the web, most of the folks seem to have a deep resistance to it. I have heard everything from "you cannot evangelize without being face-to-face with someone," to "if we start using the internet for evangelism, what will happen next, worship over the internet?" ...... How can I help others to see the value and place of internet evangelism in our overall evangelism strategy?" [a pastors comment]

We believe that engaging with your congregation using a real live example of effective evangelism on the Internet, will not only support our Urgent Call To Action, but it will stir up the saints to see the potential of using the Internet to evangelise. This will impact not only people on the other side of the planet, but people in your own community.


You may think of other ways and you may want to do some things more than once.

1. Place the notice above in your weekly bulletin for 1-3 weeks now, and at the start of 2012.

2. Show the video above in each of your services - once now & once during February 2012.

3. Personally draw attention to and endorse this mission opportunity from the pulpit.

4. Share the link below with all Christian contacts (not pastors) use email, Facebook, social media...

5. Personally join up as a member of Website Evangelism.

6. Forward the link to the page you are on now, to all the Church pastors in your network.

7. For other ways to partner with us, please see the 2012 Mission Partnership section below.

8. Use the Contact Form on this site to let us know what your doing and/or give feedback.

We are very grateful for any support you would give us as we seek to be faithful to this mission opportunity the Lord has opened up to take the Gospel of the kingdom to the nations of the world (Matthew 24:15).

Blessings in Jesus name,

Geoff Holding

Website Evangelism

Casting the Gospel Net over the Internet

Taking the Gospel of the Kingdom, to the nations of the world (Matthew 24:14) through the highways and hedges (Luke 14:23) of the World Wide Web.

2012 Mission Partnership Invitation

Website Evangelism invites you to become an End Of The World 2012 Mission Partner.

The potential for reaching the lost through people's unique interest in 2012 will end as 2012 comes to an end. While we would be most grateful for any pastor who would place a notice in the Church bulletin, we know that if this is all that happens, the potential for spreading the Gospel will be greatly limited. This is why we are inviting you to go to the next level and consider our partnership proposal. There is no fee to pay.

Following up with this invitation might be something you'd give to a missions or evangelism director/coordinator to action... but only after you, the pastor, have taken a moment to read this proposal so that you can catch the vision and, we pray, pass it on with your full endorsement.

God is using Website Evangelism to reach the lost but this mission will never begin reach it's potential until the church as a whole gets on board. To date, this has been a difficult vision to "sell" to Christians because it is still quite a new concept. This is why we have developed the 2012 Mission Partner page.

Having been a pastor myself, I know that pastors are busy people and they are often approached to support various missions. So I thank you for your commitment in reading this far. I also pray the Lord will not only help you catch the vision of Website Evangelism but that he will bless all your efforts to take the Gospel of the kingdom to the nations of the world, including that nation and community you live in. We believe that Website Evangelism can be used to reach the lost both at home and overseas.

Please click the button below and prayerfully consider our partnership proposal.